Hội Đồng Quản Trị Thành Phố Eagle Mountain (Utah) Long Trọng
Công Nhận Lá Quốc Kỳ Việt Nam Cộng Ḥa
là Lá Cờ của Cộng Đồng Người Việt.

(Ngày 20 Tháng 7 Năm 2004)

The Mayor and the City Council of Eagle Mountain (Utah) 
recognized the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag 
as the symbol of the Vietnamese-American community.





JULY 20TH, 2004

S. Viet flag might fly again - in Utah

By Christopher Smart
The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune

2004-07-21 00:50:38.537

It may be 29 years since Uncle Sam pulled out of Saigon. But, for some, South Vietnam lives on.

A resolution designating the flag of the now-nonexistent South Vietnam as the official banner for the Vietnamese-American community in Utah County's Eagle Mountain was expected to pass the City Council late Tuesday evening.

Utah's second most populous city, West Valley City, already has adopted such a measure.

"We came here with nothing. All we have is our flag," said Eagle Mountain resident Thuan "Tom" Huynh. He is president of the Vietnamese Community of Utah, a nonprofit organization that represents about 15,000 people along ! the Wasatch Front.

"When Saigon fell, the North Vietnamese took our land and destroyed our culture," Huynh said. "This flag represents our culture of freedom and justice and our way of life."

Nonetheless, it remains curious to some why the Eagle Mountain City Council would bother with such an item on its crowded agenda that enumerates such things as development codes, subdivision ordinances and water conservation.

"It's absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time," said Eagle Mountain resident Harry Bakken. "We have real issues in this city. But the council is taking up something like this that will stir up controversy and be divisive."

Eagle Mountain cannot change the geopolitical nature of Southeast Asia, Bakken said. "North Vietnam isn't going to take note of this."

Such comments miss the point, Mayor Kelvin Bailey said. "This isn't about discussing Vietnam. This does n! othing to diminish Vietnam today. And it takes very little time. It's just recognizing our Vietnamese community. It is a courtesy to them."

Councilwoman Linda Strouse said Eagle Mountain residents embrace the cosmopolitan nature of the people who are building one of the state's youngest and fastest-growing towns (the population swelled from 2,100 to 7,500 between 2000 and 2003).

"We have a rich tapestry of cultures flowing into Eagle Mountain from across the country and around the world," she said. "All the groups are important and should be recognized. This is another opportunity to do that."

The bright yellow flag with three horizontal red stripes now belongs on U.S. soil, said Huynh, who, as a young man in 1986, escaped Vietnam with his sister in a boat.

"Our hearts are no longer there," he said of the communist country. "We are established here and are happy for our freedom and ask people to recognize this flag and our way of life."

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From: Huynh, Tom 
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Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 10:44 AM

            Kinh goi quy vi,

            Toi hom qua, tai thanh pho nho Eagle Mountain, Utah vua moi cong nhan la co vang 3 soc do cho nhung nguoi viet o thanh pho nay.  Day la mot thanh pho vua moi thanh lap so luong nguoi dan o day tang tu 2100 nguoi trong nam 2000 den 7,500 nguoi trong nam 2003, va hien gio la 20,000 nguoi trong nam 2004, va chi co mot nguoi viet o day.  Nhung mot dieu dang mung la ho van cong nhan la vang 3 soc do cua chung ta.  Day la thanh pho thu hai o tieu bang utah duoc cong nhan la co vang 3 soc la la co tuong trung cho nguoi viet o hai thanh pho nay.

            Co gap mot vai kho khan tai buoi hop Public hearing toi hom qua ngay 20 tay thang 7 nam 2004, nhung ong chu tich Tom Huynh giai thich duoc van de, va mot nguoi My chong doi em diu lai khi nghe ly do tai sao ong tom Huynh xin city cong nhan la co vang 3 soc do tai thanh pho nay.

            Xin quy vi don doc. 

            Tom Huynh 





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